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Dusty Pope

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Alright I guess this is where I tell about myself to those of you who will be clicking on my link. I am only 18 and will be 19 in April. I came here as an architecture student but now I just consider myself a student. REMOVED and by the way I am a fresh man, but seriously I am, I take a shower atleast once a week. I enjoy reading and long walks on the beach. Okay seriously though, I really enjoy good movies, and I'm not neccessarily talking about blockbusters, just good films. My favorite movies of the year in order are: Walk th REMOVEDne, Huslte and Flow, and REMOVED Kong. I really enjoy listening to music. I love rap rock and country. Other than that, I am pretty much and all around guy. My favorite sports to participate in are baseball and tennis, and my favorite sport to watch is college basket ball. I tried to put a picture up here, but I could not figure out how so if you really want to know what I look like so you can approach me during class look me up on face book.

....for the instructors, if you all do not find my sense of humor amusing here is the required information.

Dusty Pope
gth877w at
I like college basketball, good movies, and girls.


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