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Michael Terry

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Hi - I'm Michael Terry, interning at MERL, from GA Tech (my horribly outdated web page there: I am in the Ph.D. program in Computer Science at Tech, and have just finished the first year of the program. Previously, I received my Bachelor's in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell in 1994, and a Masters in CS from Florida Tech in 1998. While getting my Masters, I wrote Classic Gin Rummy for the Macintosh.

At GA Tech, I work in the Everyday Computing Lab with Dr. Beth Mynatt. Primarily, I am interested in everyday uses of computing (unsurprisingly), with an emphasis on social situations, entertainment, and creative expression. In the Spring of this year, I created a system that enabled users to create their own input interfaces to computational systems. One prototype included a patchboard to a Sony Playstation controller, so that you could use any sort of switch or circuit to create your own custom Playstation controller.

This summer, I will be working with Kathy Ryall. My project is still being defined, but it will probably involve wireless communications to some extent. I arrived on the 22nd of May and will leave around the second week of August.

When I'm not working, I like hiking, photography, and music concerts. For a slice of my music taste, I have the following MD's/CD's with me at work right now:

My MERL email:
My GA Tech email: mterry@cc.gatech.eduargentina travel

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