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Regina Tassone (2000)

Hi, I'm Regina (

Sorry I don't have a picture... guess you'll just have to come do something with me to find out what I look like :)

I'm working in the Product Design Group of Lotus Research this summer, under Merry Morse. I'm doing usability testing for some Lotus products (new and released) and research for a project in the beginning stages (with Michael Muller), and learning Director so I can build a prototype for another research project (for Dan Gruen). I arrived very late in the summer, on June 17, and I'll be leaving sometime the week of August 20, at the end of which I'll be turning 21.argentina travel

I'll be a senior at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA) in the fall, wrapping up my degree in Computer Science with additional majors in Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction and minors in Math and Statistics. I'm hoping to stay at CMU for another summer and fall semester after graduation to earn a Master's from our HCI Institute.

My hobbies include dancing (ballet, modern, ballroom, and social), learning, and playing.

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