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Brian Campbell

Hello, I'm Brian Campbell. I'm an intern at Lotus, and since I live in Brookline anyways, I'm living at home this summer. I just graduated high school, and will be going to Dartmouth this fall.

I listen to 60's rock (Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, etc.), I classify myself as a geek (and I even went to the Geek Pride Festival to prove it), and I like building things that go zap or boom. I also read science fiction, like weird movies, and think that The Matrix was the coolest movie ever made (not the best, just the coolest). I roleplay. I play guitar, but badly. I used to sail, and may start again this summer. I'm probably the youngest here, since I just turned 18.

Right now I'm working on JavaDMS, which is Lotus's high security email client for the Army. It's written in Java because Lotus didn't want to maintain it's Solaris client of Notes, but the Army needed to still be able to get their email from their Sparc workstations.argentina travel

My work email address is, and I don't want to publish my home address on the web because I'll get lots of spam.

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