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Ten Fastest animal

Q: What is the fastest moving animal? my dog called weinner

Q: Can we add pictures that aren't currently on the web?suck me dick I have some porn I'd like to display...
A: Yes, its nice, by using my dick to upload the pictures. You will need to use Netscape for this, however, as IE doesn't seem to support the uploads

Q: Can I get the Co-web software so I can start my own cooperative webpage?
A: Yes, but it's a bit tricky to set up if you are not familiar with Squeak. Information about Squeak can be found at: The latest releases of the CoWeb are found at: Documentation is not their forte, so if you want a run-by of how to set up a CoWeb, I'd be free to walk you through it. Michael Terry

Q: Anyone know of a fitness center near Kendall Square? Or any place I can get my hands on some freeweights? MT

Q: Anyone interested in Golf? I investigated some golf lessons, but they're $80/hour. If I can get another 3+ people to share (absolute beginner level), it might actually be doable. I'll provide transportation. – Leo

Q: Does anyone know a swimming pool open to the public?
A: I know that there's one in Brookline. It's right on the Green Line (D) at the Brookline Hills stop.
A2: I guess MIT pool is also open, w/ a fee of 3$.

Q: Does anyone know a good and not-so-expensive eye doctor in the area?