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What's happening

Upcoming events

Intern lunches on Fridays

During summer 2000 (see below) interns from several companies met on Fridays for lunch in the vicinity of the workplaces. Express interest here and we can do it again this summer.argentina travel

Intern lunch anybody? Sametime Jennifer Liu if interested. Probably leaving Lotus around noon too.

First organized intern lunch! Sametime Derek Lam if interested =). Probably leaving Lotus around noon.


"I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" at the Stuart Street Playhouse 5/28 - 7/1, tickets $29.50-$49, group discounts available
more information:
"I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" is the fast funny and tuneful look at the joys and pitfalls of dating, romance and marriage that strikes a chord of recognition in people of all ages. This sexy zippy hit musical about men and women, dating, dining, doin' chick flix, being a stud, a babe, dancin' the marriage tango and yes......having kids.....has been called 'Seinfeld' set to music!" and "the most entertaining show on or off Broadway!"


Past Events (2000)

Informal Intern Lunch on Friday July 7th

Meet at noon outside the Marriott near Kendall Square on the Broadway Street side and we'll walk over to the Grove, a favorite lunch spot for MERL people. Update: We had a good time but only MERL people showed up. Same time next week? If the other labs don't show we will have to start taunting them... :)

Sorry, all of us Lotus people were having our own lunch at the same time.

Informal Intern Lunch on Friday July 14

We had a good time all going out to eat on Friday. Let's do it again - any suggestions for lunch on this Friday? MT

How about Poppa and Goose (I'm not sure that's spelled correctly) near Lotus? It's got an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet for $7.50, and the food is "pan-asian cuisine" (the people who run it are Vietnamese, but Vietnamese food doesn't sell as well as Chinese or Thai, so they serve those too).

Sounds good - how about some specific directions and meeting places and times so we can meet y'all there on Friday?

Do you know how to get to the Cambridge Side Galleria? Why don't we just meet in front of that (the end that's closer to Kendall Square and Lotus) at noon, and I'll show you the way to the restaurant. If you need directions to the Galleria, email me. The restaurant is on First Street, on the side opposite the Galleria and a block or two away from Lotus. Brian Campbell

How many people will actually be coming from MERL and Compaq? It would be nice to know, so I'll know when everyone has shown up. Brian Campbell>

MERL will be there in full effect. Last week we had a dozen people, and hope to repeat or increase that number on Friday.

Well, we had a great time, and we got about 10-12 people from Lotus and 10-12 from MERL (and maybe one or two from Extreme Blue, although I'm not sure). Now that we've had one at MERL and one at Lotus, let's see about having one at Compaq next week.

OK, let's see about week 3. I think it's time that the Compaq people showed themselves. How about it? Could one of the Compaq people suggest a place?
Update: Lunch on Friday July 21st will be at the Grove. We will meet at the Kendall T stop at noon, (on the Main Street side) and walk over to the Grove from there.

So are we on for 7/28 or what? If anyone knows the plan, please post asap. Thanks. -Regina
July 28th Lunch: Meet at Kendall Square at noon - we'll dine at the food court, unless someone can suggest something better...

On Friday, August 4th, we'll be going to the K2 Cafe, on Main Street across from the Marriott - see you there!

Friday August 11th - meet at Kendall Square T Stop at noon

Ultimate concert

George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars are playing July 9th at the Roxy. If you've never been to a George Clinton concert, you definitely need to go – you don't need to know his music. It's just one big jam fest

Update: the concert was a jam, though everyone who went from MERL left after 2 1/2 hours of funk to get some sleep for the Monday morning grind

Whale Watching

I'm planning on going whale watching on Saturday, July 15th - if you're interested, drop me a line. MT

OpSail 2000

Any interest in a run down to various piers for Sail Boston 2000?
Various events through the 21st. Note that I'll be away for the
weekend... Go look at for more info, and then email me. DF

Basketball - summer pro league

The Shaw summer pro league at UMass Boston, July 17-24. This year's draft picks and free agents from the Celtics, Knicks, Spurs, Pacers and more. Tickets> are $8.00 for each session (2 or 3 games). Email rahul> if you are interested.