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My name is Alexei. I am a grad student from Berkeley
working in Computer Vision (and graphics). I am here from May 21 until August 22. Here my fearless leader is Bill Freeman and I am
trying to separate style from content in images (and it ain't easy!).

I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia which probably explains
my old-fashioned tastes. I like classical music concerts, theater,
art museums, etc and am looking for company to sample these things
in Boston. My particular favorites are Bach, Bernini, Bulgakov,
Caravaggio, Fellini, Vivaldi, just to name a few (1 German, 1 Russian,
and 4 Italians... interesting:).

I also like being on (or in) the water. Last weekend
Matt, Rahul and I went canoeing which was fun. Next weekend
we will try kayaking. Anyone wants to join?

My web page at Berkeley is: travel
My e-mail is:

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