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If you would like to submit an issue for inclusion on the site, you can do so here. If Professor Barke approves the topic, it will appear on the front/top page of the site.

Suggest issues here:
The Federal Marriage Amendment should be passed to preserve the sanctity of marriage.

Professor Barke says: This is a very timely issue, but so new that I doubt that an appropriate range of reliable sources would be available yet. We may discuss this later in the course.

The U.S. Government should establish a foreign policy substantially increasing its support of United Nations peacekeeping operations.

Rehabilitation should be valued over punishment in the U.S. Judicial system.

The U.S. Government should substantially increase public health services for mental health care in the United States.

Limiting the freedom of expression of adults is justified by society's interest in protecting children.



Affirmative action is definitely needed in the US to ensure representation of minorities and women in employment, education, and business, areas which they have been historically excluded. Therefore, any attempt to prevent its implementation is done so in self-interest and the desire to keep women and minorities in the lower status of life.

Contributed by lophilli

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