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Topic: Issue # 6
The US government should undertake a large-scale research and development program to achieve energy independence by the year 2030.
This issue requires that you include a proposal for funding this program.

There is no simple, one-step solution to energy independence for the United States. Such a massive undertaking requires better usage of current energy sources, which will help in weening America off of oil and onto a new energy source, hydrogen. As nearly a third of domestic energy use is through vehicles, our transportation fleet needs to redesigned to take advantage of newer and lighter materials to improve fuel economy. This will make the shift to hydrogen smoother, especially with fuel cell technology being designed to work with gasoline's hydrogen content. Funding inherently comes from the participation of the private sector and the money saved from lowering the dependence on foreign oil.

Position Paper Draft Link
Plan for American Energy Independence, by Hybrido

Final Position Paper

Papers Evaluated
Issue 6: ShinyKobold
Evaluation: Evaluation of ShinyKobold's Draft by Hybrido

Issue 5: stellar205
Evaluation: Evaluation of stellar205's Draft by Hybrido

Sources Contributed
McAuley, John W. 2003. "Global Sustainability and Key Needs in future Automotive Design." Environ. Sci. Technol. 37. p. 5414-5416.

This peer-reviewed article outlines the need for a paradigm shift in automotive design; basically, a move away from steel and iron construction to high strength composite plastics and possibly more aluminum. Significantly reducing car weight is the primary focus, as this article tried to push mono-material parts from polypropylene. It also makes a small mention of prohibitive taxes some governments put on fuels.
Evaluations of McAuley, John W.

McFarlane, Robert. 2004. "A Declaration of Energy Independence" Wall Streeet Journal (Eastern Edition) Dec 20, 2004. p.A15.

This article outlines some basic methods by which America can better achieve energy independence. First of all, "retooling" our vehicles with better, yet lighter materials to boost fuel efficiency and extracting hydrogen from natural gas. In fact, it suggests that natural gas would be a good alternative to crude oil, as Russia has one of the largest extractable reserves of natural gas, subverting OPEC.
Document URL
Evaluation of McFarlane, Robert

Ogden, Joan M. "Prospects for Building a Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure." Annual Review of Energy & the Environment Vol. 24 Issue 1. p.227, 53p

As this paper is around 53 pages, I have only read the abstract at this point. It details and discusses the major issues surrounding a "hydrogen energy infrastructure." It also goes on about how hydrogen is one of the few relatively renewable resources, as the sources for it are beyond numerous.
Document URL
Evaluation of Ogden, Joan M.

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