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Prof Barke

Title IX Argumentative Response

Title IX, education amendments of 1972, was passed by congress in hopes to create equality amongst the sexes in high school and college sports. But how equal are the opportunities for both male and female students? Not very. Thousands of Females from across the nation are participating on all-male teams. And the number of males on all-female teams, zero. Furthermore, Title IX, while raising the opportunities for females, has lowered the opportunities for males to participate in school sponsored sports. Because of this, Title IX creates the illusion of equality within high school and college sports, and therefore should be terminated.
When in high school, there are sports for the student body to join such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Softball (many of which hold try-outs). While a female has the opportunity to play/try-out for any sport they want, males are limited to sports which have not been labeled as an “all-girls team”. In my own high school, for instance, two girls were on the football team, a sport without a “girl’s team”. And although many players’ parents didn’t support the fact that there were girls on the football team, there was nothing they could do about it. On the other hand, a few male students wanted to play on the softball team, a sport without a “guy’s team”. However, they were not even allowed to try out. Fair, equality, the same, the very foundation of what Title IX is supposed to be built on….do these words come to mind while looking at this example?
Title IX has dampened the opportunities for males to participate in sports on the collegiate level as well. In order to conform to laws brought forth by Title IX, colleges haven’t added female sports, but rather done away with male sports. “According to the NCAA, since 1991 nearly 6,000 collegiate athletic opportunities for females have been added, but men have lost over 20,000 opportunities in the same time frame. Is that the government's idea of fair?” (USA Vanguard). Colleges across the country have gone to the extremes of eliminating teams, such as male soccer teams, so they wouldn’t have to invest in a women’s team. Is that far, telling an upcoming senior on scholarship for soccer that everything he has worked for is gone just like that, having Title IX to thank?
Colleges around the country have to follow certain guidelines set by Title nine, stating that “the school’s athletics program must fully and effectively accommodate the interests and abilities of the underrepresented sex.” (CSS). This is forcing schools to offer sports to women that are more popular with men, such as ice hockey and lacrosse, to women, while not being able to have a men’s team. More men might be interested in a certain sport, like ice hockey, then women, however, it is very easy for the men’s team to get cancelled instead of the women’s team, due to rules set fourth by Title IX. (CSS) Looking at the facts, “females constitute about 55% of the students enrolled in higher education. That means that about 55% of the athletes in college must be female. That also means that it is virtually impossible to achieve the quota without destroying every male Olympic sport at the college level. (It is projected that soon female enrollment will approach 60% of the total student enrollment which makes the problem even worse.)” (Facts and Myths).
Title IX has even gone as far as to disrupt the renewal of a football program. People in and around the University of South Alabama, a member of the Sun Belt Conference, are continually trying to bring their football team back to the field. However, in order for this to take place the University must first announce the addition of a women’s sport, such as softball. This has slowed the attempts to bring football back by at least two years (USA Vanguard).
Currently, the Supreme Court is considering adjustments to Title IX. The fact is that civil rights laws are in need of constant revisions. If the government fails to admit there are flaws with Title IX, it will ultimately cause more harm than good (Staff E). Because of this, the courts, along with a commission brought fourth by the Secretary of Education, have been looking at ways to develop “a compliance beyond the monetary comparison of men's and women's teams that caused many schools to cut popular men's teams. (Staff E)” Hopefully, the Title will receive some adjustments allowing the growth of women sports without the destruction of male athletics.
Title IX has done anything but create equality in high school and college sports. Females can tryout for any sport offered at a school but males cannot. Females have seen there opportunities in sports expand, while males can only sit back and watch while there sports continue to disappear. Something needs to be done, if the government’s intentions were to create equality, not inequality.


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