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Whiteviolet Rough Draft

Posistion Rough Draft Paper
Georgia Tech should award more merit-based scholarships than need-based. By awarding more merit-based scholarships, it will encourage students to strive for higher academic achievement. It would also make getting a scholarship and equal opportunity for everyone. Merit-based scholarships have been in existence almost as long as higher education. Over the years, the government has required Georgia Tech and other institutions to award more need-based scholarships. By doing this, students who never could have come to Georgia Tech are now being able to get in. Currently, “need-based aid is the most common category of aid awarded throughout the United States. Eligibility for need-based aid is determined by an evaluation of your family's financial circumstances through completion of a need analysis application known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.”

According to statistics, Georgia Tech awarded ninety-eight percent of the students who needed need-based help financial aid. However, they only awarded twenty-four percent of the students who did not need need-based help financial aid. On the Georgia Tech Financial Aid website, it states “preference is given to students who show financial need” (

By making the majority of the scholarships merit-based, students who are from lower income families and students who do not qualify for need-based scholarships have the same opportunity to receive scholarships. Students should have to earn scholarships no matter what their financial need might be. The word scholarship is derived form the word scholar and the definition of a scholar is a learned person. Therefore, everyone should have to meet the same educational requirements in order to qualify for scholarships.

Merit-based scholarships create a competitive environment by establishing a criterion that students must meet in order to be considered. The need-based scholarships that are awarded should also have some type of academic requirement as well, like the HOPE Scholarship. It is a merit-based scholarship, but it was designed to help need-based students.

Another reason why financial aid should be merit based instead of need based is that need based does not always help ever in need. It usually helps those families with very low incomes leaving out the middle class. The FASFA, a form which need based aid is based on, does not take into consideration the fact that a family has three other children to put through college. Therefore, many people are excluded from it. It does not give an equal opportunity to everyone, like merit based aid allows.

I beleive you have a lot of good points about the pros of merit based aid. However, I beleive that this paper could become much more beleivable with statistics on exactly how many of these scholarships are given out? or how much money is actually given? maybe you could provide some examples of questions from the different types of forms and how they are biased toward need. Also I feel that you should include something about hope, and also research more and find why schools give need based eductation. There are reasons that schools give it that benefit the school financially. You need to give on some points in order for your paper not to seem biased and unbeleivable.
good rough draft

Evaluation by FastMax:
Your arguments are very well put, but I would like to see some references that prove these arguments. Also I am sure this isn't your final draft, but the arguments are very short and should be lengthened quite a bit. You also made a great statement that anyone considered for financial aid should have to meet the same educational standards. I think that statement couldn't be more correct, and I would love to see a reference to a professional author that supports that idea.

Evaluation by Jake1321:
You made some valid points. However, more developement would strengthen your paper's arguament tenfold I think. Also, lead into your paper- don't hit your reader with your position in the first sentence. I agree with "fastmax" in that additional credible refereneces would be wonderful! great paper though girl!

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