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UncleRico's final draft

We are Unbeatable

Many Americans question whether our country’s government sets a good example for promoting political, social, and moral progress. I believe that when our government is compared to many others around the world it is clear that, in the all-round aspect, we should be followed by other governments. We have too many factors financially, and socially to not be a world leader with our political, social, and moral standards. Our overall improvements in the past couple decades, when considering our growing diverse population, have been outstanding in these categories.
I believe Americans don’t realize the greatness of our political progress our government has made over the centuries. Being a free country, America has so much diversity when it comes to beliefs and thoughts on who should be elected to rule this free country. It is often overlooked how hard it is to have an organized political system for a country with so many freedoms. It is amazing how we have basically been divided into two groups of people based on beliefs, with so much diversity. Our political system is also setup to where no matter who does get elected, the constitution still must be followed and people still have the same freedoms and it is practically left up to them what kind of life they lead. The biggest problem for a country like ours is to keep as many people happy as possible. There are so many controversial political issues we face and our government must find a solution to them to satisfy the largest amount of people as possible. Abortion is one of these issues. I understand why there are so many anti-abortionists, their reasoning is very legitimate. But I think America is in the right in keeping “choice” as the policy so far with abortion. This can better keep each individual family satisfied in more situations than a zero tolerance policy would. Right now our country is also facing war and this is a very complicated issue. When in war, there will never be a time when everyone is satisfied, but neither does everyone know what is really behind all of the calls made. Our country has an excellent past with outcomes in war and I believe we should keep our trust in our government to protect our homeland and better the world. These political issue solutions are a big part of America leading by setting a standard of governing.
Our country’s social progression is far above average as well. Not many countries even allow their citizens to vote on people or ideas. America does allow them to do so and also have a high percentage of people that do vote. There is also a high amount of citizens in many other interest groups as well. Finding jobs in America has also been very good to its people in the past, and is why many people in other countries make their way over to America to lead a happier life. There was a time a couple decades ago when our country had a bad spell with HIV/AIDS. Many actions have been taken to prevent to spreading of AIDS in our country and the percentage of people having it is really low when compared to many countries. Many of our country’s wealthy celebrities have donated to fund many AIDS preventing programs and the donations are counted in millions. There is also very few areas in our country where gangs are a problem, the percentage has actually gone down since the 1980s when it comes to gang participation. One of the most outstanding social issue solution performances our country has had over the decades is educating our kids. This is where we rank among the top in the world. We also have among the top universities one could attend in the world, no matter for what profession. All of our kids have equal opportunity to get educated with our overall good public schooling system, and that is an underestimated thing to say about a country with our quantity of people. The government’s solutions to our country’s social issues are as well underestimated when one puts research and thought into the matter.
The way I see it, America should be much better known for its moral progression as well. Our constitution was built around good morals and our constitution is the foundation for our government. We’ve also shown respect to our Ten Commandments for an unbelievable amount of years, and one cannot argue that these are an incredible list of guidelines to live by. We are able to have such a free country and keep our citizens under good control. Religion is something that causes a large group of people to live by certain standards. When we look at the religiousness of our country, we are not that religious, in following one major religion as a group of people. Is this good or bad? We give freedom to let people follow whatever religion they choose, yet, we are one of the most diverse countries in the world, and people still want to move to our country. That takes a pretty good working system. Gay marriage is a moral issue that seems to be pretty controversial in our country. I, for one, think that it is morally incorrect to allow for gay marriage. Our government has found a way to satisfy as many people as possible with a solution to ban gay marriage by state. Not every state has outlawed gay marriage to allow for more liberal areas of living. Abortion, as I mentioned earlier, is another one of these similar issues we seem to effectively deal with. We even take good morals into play when it comes to punishing the perpetrators in our country. The death penalty is used so little compared to other countries around the world, especially when you take the number of people in our country into consideration. I don’t believe the death penalty should ever be outlawed, for it acts as a good incentive to obey the laws set by our government as well as our Ten Commandments.
One should clearly see how America should be followed by countries around the world when it comes to political, social, and moral progression when a little thought is put into the subject. Our citizens have it so much better off than those in about any given country in the world. One has to wonder how this all came about by looking at the whole picture and not such minor flaws in a country’s system of government. With such a solid foundation of morals for our government, and such highly educated elected leaders in our country, we are unbeatable.

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