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suggestions by Vincent

You have a very strong argument. One thing I would suggest, would be to add some possible solutions to title IX. This will adress concers of people with oposing arguments and bring them to your side. There is a article on this in the book "Good Reasons," I believe there is a copy in the library. Anyways here is a summary of the "solutions."

Don’t Blame Title IX, p.203, Good Reasons
Donna Lopiano

Problem: “Schools often cite insufficient finances to add more sports opportunities for women, cut a men’s non-revenue sport and use these funds to start a new women’s team.”

Possible Solutions:

1. Raising new revenues
2. Reducing excess expenditures for the most expensive men’s sports.
a. hotel rooms before home games
b. less new uniforms
c. distance for non conference games

3. Athletic conference cost-savings
4. Internal across-the-board budget reductions
5. Moving to a lower competitive division.
6. Using tuition waiver savings to fund gender equity

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