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Issue 8
Resources 1: Rousseau,J.J. "Du Contrat Social." (English Version) Ou Principes du droit Politique. Paris, Aubier. 1958.
Evaluation/comments: A classic work concerning government, society,and political ideology.
(Personally, I don't think this book is quite helpful for writing a paper on this issue. However, since it is a big topic, the work of Rousseau may be useful.)
Resurces 2: Wood, Julia.T. "Communication in Our Lives." 2nd edition. Wadsworth/Thomson Learning. 2000.
Evaluation/comments: The central issue of this book is communication. The author spent several sections on discussing the social diversity and differences among cultures. These sections could be helpful to those who chose Issue 8.

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Sat, Jan 22, 05: dawncrescent, hi, I I'm moving copies of these contributions to the pages for Issue 8 Resources. ~andrea

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