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Jake 1321 Evaluation by themis

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First of all, you make a strong argument because your opinion is well supported by logic. Since it's only a draft and you still have more to add, make sure to use supporting facts- things that cannot be argued against by someone else's perception of what is "fair", whatnot. Give some background information about financial aid in our country or in Georgia (whichever your focus is), so that the audience understands how the system works before assuming it is progressive or flawed. Use figures for how much money is being spent and where, because if you want your audience to think itís a waste of money like you do, prove it to them. Arguing from your opponents view point is also a great way to strengthen your argument if you can show why the opposing view is not consistent with efficient use of resources, both monetary and educational. Finish by rereading your paper, checking for typos and grammatical errors, and don't forget to cite your sources within your paper. Good Luck! ; )

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