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Evaluation of techfan's policy paper by npartist

I think you have a good start and for the most part a well organized start. The only thing is that you say middle class students can't pay for tution yet you state "Students are responsible to cover room, board and a few extra expenses which can be easily earned from a part-time job" in regards to Ga Tech. You are those weakening your point. I know you are still saying that with the limited merit-based scholarships here at tech, out of staters would rather go to some other egineering college due to their signifcant merit-based aid. You have several points of argument. Right now they are not really connected because you don't have a flow throught the paper. Also your view of "solely merit-based" isn't going to hold up in any argument. You might want to say mainly merit or include that colleges should have merit based ones for students in a certain income bracket. ~npartist

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