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Achievement through Earning Distinguishment

Each year scholarships are awarded on basis of need or merit depending on the type of scholarship and situation of recipient. Georgia Tech, like all public institutions have been forced into admitting certain students and meeting particular quotos. Government is inch by inch moving into the jurisdiction that was once operated by the institution. These imposed regulations force universities and colleges to take actions that oppose the values and or traditions of the unversity. Many of the mandated requirements lead to implementing need based scholarships more than would be used without the mandates. An example of a requirement of universities is affirmitive action. Although affirmitive action has positive effects by offering the chance for minorities to recieve post-secondary education, there are also negative consequences as well. To meet quotas universities are often left with no choice but to give need based scholarships to minorities that would other wise not be able to afford a college education. The incapability of poorer minorities to reach financial standards is a heavy price to pay and a large weight on whether or not scholarships should be need based, but in the larger scheme merit based scholarships are more beneficial to society and more appropriate for the advancement of society.

A merit based scholarship is motivation for one to put fort effort and prepare themself for the future. merit based scholarships will drive one to strive for excellence and perfect a specific area. Society will benefit from individuals who are skilled in a specific area and capable of reaching a threshold that distingiushes them in their specific area. To earn a scholarship by trade, one must be disciplined, hard working and carpable of success, all traits needed for a college student and type of person who would use a college degree in today's society.

The downfalls of giving need based scolarships are the inflation of college tuition for students that do not receive scholarship at all and the obligation for one to attend college. The later conflict is of much greater concern and creates a more serious issue in the decision of type of scholarships. The need based scholarship program encourages all people to attend college when it is not in the best interest for all people nor for society. The idea that everyone can go to college, implies that every should go to college. In this case, the value of a college education is decreased and dreams that do not involve a college education are repressed.

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