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Napolean's evaluations of other papers

About Rohan's Paper

I thought that your paper was really well thought out and put a nice logic to the whole idea of the imprisonment of foreign nationals. All I can really say though is just keep writing and finding more sources and examples. I found two of the court cases against the U.S. by the incarcerated and if you look under my resources you can find that. Hopefully they may be of use to you as well. It is a long file so we probably wouldn't even get the same information out of it.

About CollegeDems Paper

Your paper seems to have a good rhythm to it overall. Your first sentence in your second paragraph sounded a little odd so please take a look at that. You also cited ABC on what the supposed reason for holding the foreigners at Guantanamo Bay...I would really rather see a quote from the President or someone like that rather than a news source that leans left. Do you just want the prisoners to have a trial, or what is your real position on the matter if you got to choose what you wanted in this situation? Just a few questions to think about while going over the paper.

CollegeDems's notes on comments:
For the ABC citation, I have to find what they quoted, but it was a quote from the defense department. I need to find that, so I was just using ABC as a temporary source. I'll work on the rest though.

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