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evaluation by ParrotHead

I think you make some clear arguments on why there is such a huge need for a new energy source, but I think some work needs to be done referring to the solutions to the problem. Instead of just mentioning the different kinds of fuel, or fuel saving ideas you might want to get into more detail about how these new sources would/could work, and possibly even where we would get the money for the research you spoke about. I know that could take up a lot of space, so maybe just research where the leading consumption of oil is in the U.S. is taking place (ie. automobiles, or certain industries) and propose a plan for changing that one. And I think there is a lot of information out there for you to elaborate on solar power–considering some people are already living in solar homes. Reading your paper, I want to learn something new about energy conservation, as opposed to solely reading things I already know about where the world is drawing our petroleum sources from.–contributed by ParrotHead

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