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EVALUATIONS ON 1st Draft for Hondezy

Although I hold a different opinion regarding the entire issue, I must agree with your opening remarks, that terrorism is different to regular warfare and must thus be pursued differently. I must also commend you on your introduction which I think was excellent. I have just two comments regarding points that you made.

- contributed by Sal

To incarcerate someone on the battlefield and to incarcerate someone suspected of terrorism are 2 totally different things. If you capture someone on the battlefield you can charge them but you can't charge someone that you suspect is guilty. This is why they are called suspects. You can't incarcerate every suspect. I do agree that terrorism is slightly different though. If someone is suspected of murdering someone else you don't have to incarcerate the suspect because you can protect the person to be murdered. However in terms of terrorism, you can't protect the country. Also, I'm not sure about who the constitution protects. It says in Amendment 14 that "nor shall any state deprive ANY person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law." There are other parts in the constitution that apply to all "accused persons" not just citizens. - light_switch

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