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Azigiza's Draft

Edit Draft at the bottom of the list of people working on the same issue here.
The perfect scenario for a student will be to get through College without having to pay for it; meaning the government providing College education for free. Truth is, we donít live in a perfect world and the government canít afford to pay for every bodyís College education because of limited resources. The best that the government can do is to provide some financial assistance to students through financial aids. The students that qualify for those financial aids are generally selected based on their needs and their academic achievements.
As the resources are getting even more limited due to the increasing number of students, the big question is:Ē Should financial aids be need based or merit based? ď
After showing how merit and need are related to education, we will see which one best fits the concept of school and end up by showing clearly why merit should be looked at before need based in awarding financial aids at Georgia Tech.

I- School and need Vs School and merit.
School and need.
School and merit.
II- Relevance of the two concepts to school.
III- Why financial aid should be merit based at Tech.

As we can see throughout the lines above, merit is more relevant to education than need because at the end of the day, it is all about how you did in college academically not financially. So if someone needs some financial assistance to get some education, it should be the one that demonstrate the desire and the drive not the one that just need money.

By Azigiza.

Azigiza, I beleive you have brought up many important issues relating to merit and need based financial aid. These issues have obviously just been put into a rough form and are not fully thought out yet. I would like to offer you Some suggestions for your paper when you put these ideas into paragraph form. First i beleive that this paper would be greatly supplemented by getting some actual numbers and data from specific colleges. It is more personal to the reader when they get a specific example of how this could affect them or their children, and it is very effective in persuasive papers. Secondly, I think you should put some thought into the fact that maybe not everyone needs to go to college....if everyone did go, how would this effect our economy? Another thing to think about is that there are some positive reasons why colleges choose need based financial aid, and it is not bec they are trying to be nice. Really think about how it could benefit the school to choose need based aid and list these as well. You never want your paper to seem like your not fully considering the other persons side.
Good start...look forward to reading the finished product

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