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CastorTroy's comments on themis' Position

You make a very good argument of the problems with today's society using oil, and why we should switch to renewable energy sources. You used a proper amount of statistics for your position, which demonstrates a level of understanding that leads the reader to imply that you know what you are talking about. However, you don't say anything about what our country should do to make the switch to renewable energy. The formatting is also pretty bad, but I'm sure that's just because of it being posted on this Swiki thing. My recommendations for your final paper are to focus more on what kind of policy we should adopt to use renewable energy, instead of spending all of your time saying why fossil fuels aren't a good source. Also, you need to propose a plan to pay for this new energy system, which you alluded to, but did not describe. Other than that, everything seems pretty good.

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