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Evaluation of Prometheus's position paper by stellar205

While I agree that voter qualifications would not need to be changed under the circumstances that you have specified, I , as a reader not fully knowledgeable about the voting qualifications in each state, would want to know if those guidelines are consistent in each state. If they are not, and it could possibly result in the disfranchisement of groups in one state, but not another, then a nationally-mandated voter qualification system may be needed. I think that the focus is on nationalization, not necessarily modification.

I would also like to see a clear statement of your thesis. As a reader, I was not aware of what your position would be until it was being deliberated, which resulted in a slight convolution of ideas. A conclusion that restates your assertions would also be helpful to the reader after going through so much detail about the voting methods.

I think that it would be really helpful to the reader if you were to use a section of your paper to describe a possible nationalized system. In addition, you could find a foreign election system of this sort and weigh the merits and drawbacks of that system, as well as the feasibility of incorporating a similar system in the U.S. This will allow the reader to conglomerate your separate assertions into a focused proposal. In this proposal, you can address the obvious questions that would arise about enforcement of the national standards, not necessarily to propose a plan, but provide an analysis of how it could be done to make the system more effective than the current system.


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