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Evaluation of melloyello's position paper by stellar205

I like that you considered the three major forms of criminal treatment, however I was not able to find a clear analysis of the differences and similarities. I understand that you addressed each method individually, but I also expected to see an analysis of the merits of each method (applied to specifically the U.S. Judicial System). Essentially, the position paper addresses various aspects of rehabilitation and punishment, but it does not provide an complimentary analysis in the context of the U.S. Judicial System. A thorough analysis of the fiscal benefits of rehabilitation would be really great, if you have the appropriate statistical information. You could also speculate on how a rehabilitation system would be established under U.S. laws governing criminal treatment. Another good thing to do may be to find a foreign system where rehabilitation is used over punishment, and address the merits and drawbacks of that system, as well as the feasibility of incorporating it into the U.S. Judicial System. I can definitely see that you have an understanding of the essence of your position, however I think that it would be more persuasive writing with more detail and insight.


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