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Evaluation of politician2b ROUGH DRAFT by CookeeMo

I think you have engaged in a good thought process and set the stage for a good paper.

You certainly should find statistical or other evidence to support your claims. Maybe you just need to add citations for sources you already used. I cannot tell whether your statements are facts or factually based opinions.

You state, " has had a beneficial effect on high school and college athletics." But, the paragraphs that follow only point out benefits to women and women's athletics. You might consider adding a paragraph or two about how Title IX has benefitted high school and college athletics in general (men's and women's, and from an athlete's and a school's point of view). Why should improving women's sports be a desirable goal for athletic programs?

Finally, you say more than once that the benefits you mention would not or may not have been possible without Title IX. Make that argument. Give data and/or logic supporting why the societal changes you discuss would not have occurred if Title IX never were enacted. {NOTE: "inaction" in your first paragraph should be a form of "enact." I am not sure "enaction" is a word ( has no entry for it), but I do not think "inaction" has the meaning you want.} -CookeeMo

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