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Issue 8 Positions

The US should be considered by other nations as a model to follow in promoting political, social, and moral progress.

This issue requires a clear definition of "progress."
Issue 8 Resources

Positions on this Issue:

1. I don't think that the United States is a model in promoting political, social, and moral progress.– Daniel

2. In certain respects we are, but in others we are not. I think there are more negatives than positives, though.
3. dawncrescent's positionEvaluation of dawncrescent's Rough Draft by lightfoot

4. When comparing our government to others around the world it is clear that the US should be followed.UncleRico's final draft
5.Percy offers Ideas on where America is and is not an example for other countries to follow
Final Draft for Percy

6.Radrik thinks that the US SHOULD be viewed as a model for other countries. Click on thename link to see.

Usernames of people who will address this issue:
1. dawncrescent
2. Daniel
3. Uncle Rico
4. Kismet
5. Radrik
6. Conelead
7. psthsp5
8. Percy