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Comments from ShinyKobold

I think that your argument has a good basic structure, but needs more polish. It needs more evidence to support some of your claims. For example, you say that "the world's crude oil reserves will be depleted within two generations." This may be true, but it would help to have an authority to back yout statement up. Other places I saw this problem was the amount of money the goverment would save in a year. Another problem was with your proposal for funding. You said that the government should give incentives and subsidies, but this has to come from somewhere and taxes diverted to it must be taken from somewhere. I wasn't convinced that war bonds alone could do the trick. Also, the idea of how much money the government would save on fuel each year was unclear to me. They would save this money if they had no gasoline to buy, but does this take in to account the ammount that would be spent buying alternatives? Overall, I think you need more research and a more ambitious funding plan.


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