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Comments By EchoZero

The economistís point of view of your paper is well written and structured. It takes a good look at the issue and walks the reader through a logical process of how the situation should solve itself.

My only complaint is that your paper's first half is based on the presidential election from last November rather than current policy initiatives. Both candidates could have promised the moon but once elected the real policy comes about. I guess you were trying to focus on the two roads the government could have traveled based on the candidates views to strengthen your point that the economy should be left to solve the problem itself, but people want the government to step in some times and solve problems (myself included since my pickup truck only gets 10 mpg in the city and its starting to hurt). Maybe dividing the first half into Kerry says this then Bush says that instead of having the two intertwined in the paragraphs will help make your point with what you are trying to say with the two gentlemen clearer.

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