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Critiques of "Title IX: Good But Bad"

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In your body you begin by giving some information on the benefits that TITLE IX has brought up, then you argue that even though it has helped many women I quote: "one cannot necessarily infer a causal relationship between these advancements and Title IX."

I think this statement is a very personal opinion which is not based on tangible evidence.

Later you argue that TITLE IX needs to be scaled back because of Health Risk Problems.
It looks like you are trying to scaled down a legislation that promotes equality (not only in sports) because doing sports will be a problem for women.
So you are implicitly saying that without TITLE IX, Women's risk of health problems will be diminished?
I think this analysis is somewhat unclear. (You just need to polish it)

IN GENERAL you have a good position paper, but you must make concrete arguments and supported evidence. -UncleSam

Evaluation: I enjoyed reading the paper. It brings up several points as to why Title IX needs to be improves. You use Title VII to support your position and that shows well done research. However, the paper is 'jumpy'. By that, I mean it doesn't flow from one point to the next and rather jumps to the next point. Everything else is great. - Nara_sumaS

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