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Themis Evaluation 3

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Evaluation 3:

Mark Clayton “Breaking free from energy dependence” 24 Oct 2004; USA Today; [Accessed Jan 2005]

This article published by USA Today in October of 2004 zeros in on the “core or America’s energy problem”. With as much oil as we’re putting into our cars- and I mean 70%!- we’ll never come close to any sort of “independence” unless things start changing with the way we get around! New technologies offer possible solutions that seem too good to be true: light weight cars, made of carbon-composites that are not only safter but so much stronger than the cars we use now, that run on fuel whose only byproduct is water! The dream isn’t quite a reality, but the road there has begun with hybrid cars. Although it will be very expensive, in the long run it will be cheaper than oil and our economy will reap major benefits.


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