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Themis Evaluation 2

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Evaluation 2:
Rocky Mountain Institute, “Winning the Oil Endgame: Executive Summary” [web page] 2005; [Accessed Jan 2005]

This article is a conservative, peer reviewed strategy for oil independency. It is a summary of the big plan produced by the Rocky Mountain Institute. “Winning the Oil Endgame” offers solution to oil dependency, what have you, an “oil solution—one led by business for profit, not dictated by government for reasons of ideology. This roadmap is independent, peer-reviewed, written for business and military leaders, and co-funded by the Pentagon.”

It focuses on four main ways to cut back oil we use by at least 50% while substituting alternatives for the other half…
The summary covers questions that naturally arise such as What policies are needed?, What happens to the oil industry?... How do we get started?
The page also offers a link to the full text, which is useful for detailed descriptions of potential policy and procedural plans.


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