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rough draft for CashMoney

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal assistance.” It is clear that Title IX has had a harmful effect on high school and college athletics and should be scaled back. Males are far more talented physically than females, and this shows in athletics and other physical endeavors in our daily lives. Women do not appreciate the athleticism inherent of all sports. Their participation in sports is based solely on its social aspects.

“Title IX was the first comprehensive federal law to prohibit sex discrimination against students and employees of educational institutions” ( However, Title IX is inherently discriminatory against males. While schools strive to create the proper proportionality of male to female athletic programs they are scaling back on male programs. Nationwide we are seeing a scaling back of male programs for the sake of up and starting female programs. But I ask you, “Why do we would cut back on something that means so much to male athletes and so little to female ‘athletes’?”

Growing up it is a young male’s dream to play in the NBA or NFL. It is his dream to someday become a star athlete and score the winning basket or throw the winning touchdown pass in the big game. On the other hand, young females grow up playing with Barbie dolls and baking cookies in their Easy-Bake Ovens.
It is not in the best interest of a female to participate in sports. Males may argue that they have the skill to carry their careers on into college or the professional level and make a living or a name for themselves. Females, however, cannot make the same claim. After the high school level, females usually give up on their pursuit of an athletic career. In college you will not see a large number of female athletes. So why is it worth investing in a product that will not amount to anything? Nobody is even interested in female athletes. Males are proven to be physically superior specimens, and it shows in their performance on the field or court, vis-à-vis the poor attendance of female sporting events, professional or not.

I will concede that athletics give females a chance to embrace school spirit and their fellow peers. It is a great way for a young woman to better understand teamwork and the dependence of others in their everyday lives. They get an understanding of trust and competition that is hard to find elsewhere. Now that I am done stating the irrelevant and inconsequential, I will tell you why female sports are unnecessary. There are plenty other activities that females may engage in that are as satisfying as sports if not more so. There are debate teams and clubs inclusive of varying fields of study. These groups promote an enhancement of character and intelligence that is not found in athletics. While this could be an argument against men, it is not relevant because we are worth making tradeoffs on. In the long run we can bring an entertainment value and possibly a career to ourselves and others by our pursuits of this endeavor.

Title IX has greatly changed the lives of women, but not for the better of themselves or the men of our society. Everyone in today’s world strives to be “equal” and complains of unfair treatment. What happened to making things happen on your own without complaining about every little obstacle that crosses your path? Disallowing a proportionate amount of female athletic programs is for the greater good, and it should be continued. Female athletics are being given enough benefits, and they have a similar opportunity of education as men. Title IX has not had a profound influence on the lives of women, but it has crippled the lives of many men.


Wow, you come across very abrupt and rude at times here, be careful. Being a female myself, I personally was VERY offended reading this. You make several generalizations that you have NO facts or sources for, such as "Males are far more talented physically than females" and "Women do not appreciate the athleticism inherent of all sports". The paper also implies that boys have dreams of playing professional sports, but girls do not. That is not true, you will not be able to find fact for that anywhere. Anything that you do not have fact for, you need to take out - it will only hurt your paper. You do not have proven fact to back this up, you need to seriously reword or rethink this. If you want to gain support from people who would originally not support your side then you need to be more respectful and ease into your points. I would suggest not starting with quotes, you need more of an intro to explain why you incorporated the quote and what it means to your paper. I can tell you are very passionate about this topic, maybe because you have had a negative personal experience with the effects of Title IX, all I can say careful with your words. This paper can be taken VERY offensively quite easily.

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