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rough draft for politician2b

politician2b ROUGH DRAFT
Title IX is beneficial.

The female in today’s society has come a long way from the average housewife. Women are now able to run companies and hold political offices that were once reserved only for males. Women have even come so far as to make their mark on professional sports, such as the Women’s National Basketball League and National Pro Fastpitch- professional women’s softball. These programs may have never existed if it were not for the inaction of Title IX. Title IX has made many athletic opportunities available for females and should be continued because it has had a beneficial effect on high school and college athletics. Title IX called for equal funding for male and female athletic programs in institutions that receive federal funding, streamlined female intercollegiate athletics, and thus increased the number of female athletes. Without this legislation many female athletes would not have been able to experience the same opportunities as they can today.

Tile IX specifies that female athletic programs must receive funding that is equal to their male athletic programs. As a result, many female high school athletic programs now receive equipment and uniforms comparable to that of the male sports. Such funding enhances the athletic experience for young women and allows more opportunities for them to excel. For example, a high school girl’s soccer team may be able to participate in an extra tournament in their season because of funding their program received as a result of Tile IX.

Title IX has had a large impact on intercollegiate athletics. Before the legislation was passed, male and female athletics were run separately, the same rules for male athletic programs did not apply to the female ones. But with Title IX, both male and female intercollegiate athletic programs were governed by the same set of rules. The NCAA now sets guideline and regulations that all sports must abide by; gender has nothing to do with it. This allowed for female athletics on the college level to become more streamlined and function better.

With female intercollegiate athletics streamlined, the number of female athletes increased dramatically. Tile IX allows for these female programs to receive more funding which results in more scholarship monies for female athletes. More females are playing sports in college because t he opportunity is now open to them, whereas it was not in the past. The increase of female student-athletes has led to a more competitive athletic atmosphere. Every team has the chance now to recruit and build their roster so that they can field a team that is able to compete at the national level. Women’s teams now have the opportunity to compete for national championships and title, something that would have never happened if it were not for Title IX.

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