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Evaluate gtballboy30's rough draft


The way you arranged your Policy Paper is clear, consistent and to the point.
Your insights are well argumented but it lacks evidence. (i.e Put some sources, where did you get the info?).
In general you make your Point, and you should not have problems with this paper. -UncleSam

Evalution of rough draft by polantigua

This paper is very well researched and presented. The author presents his thought in a clear and concise fashion. However, although it is clear that the author researched the topic, he/she fails to cite any of these sources in the paper. Citing sources will really help to strengthen the paper. Otherwise, I feel that this paper is a very good one, and that once it is reviwed, and sources added, it will be an even stronger paper.

Overall, this paper is presented fairly well. It has a lot of good points and a good amount of research seems to be involved in writing this paper. Once again, the author fails to cite everything but will probably be done by the time they submit there final copy. I would recommend shortening some sentences, getting rid of some unneccesarily long run on ones. Other than that, the paper is a good one and I personally look forward to reading the final copy. Reviewed by radja34

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