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rough draft by Ingue86

In today’s world, resources are becoming scarce. The United States heavily rely upon foreign resources for power, and energy. This dependence forces situations which prevent our country from becoming better providers of life, and of its quality. The foreign energy dependence leads to political situations which forces a hasty and not necessarily correct decision. If somehow the dependence on foreign oil and other energy resources was eliminated, the United States could further the quality of life, and be better table to concentrate on more important issues.
There are many different substitutes to foreign and fossil fuels. One is solar energy, the energy captured from sunlight. Another is wind energy, say from a windmill type collecting device. Biofules or the fuels produced from plants. Hydroelectricity, which is energy gathered from the movement of water.
The sun releases tremendous amount of energy every second for the past billion years. Why not harvest this energy, and deviate from fossil fuels? The truth is that the technology collecting the solar energy is not advanced enough to make a tremendous difference compared to the energy consumption of the United States. That is why the development of such technology is necessary. Solar energy is a very strong possibility, seeing that some energy suppliers capture solar energy. But to further the ability of these solar energy capturing devices, a new more efficient process or technology must be uncovered. One such technology is being researched at the Georgia Institute of Technology. “Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new approach to creating lightweight organic solar cells. By using pentacene, researchers have been able to convert sunlight to electricity with high efficiency.” Says an article from the Georgia Institute of Technology on December 2004. This new type of solar cell is able to capture energy much more efficiently, making solar energy more beneficial in yielding the required energy.
If the United States is energy independent, the effects would be felt for many years. Pollution would become much less of a concern, because of the cleaner energy supplies, and allowing more concentration on the solutions to other problems, instead to the temporary fix to an ongoing problem. There would be almost zero downside to the entire idea, except the effect it will have on the oil industry. After moving away from nonrenewable fuels, the United States will have saved so much money, that they could invest in even newer and better technology to further enhance the lives of its citizens.
"Our energy future is choice, not fate," the report states. "Oil dependence is a problem we need no longer have — and it's cheaper not to." From USA Today (


After reading your rough draft, I noticed that your position is not that strong. You have only one alternative means of obtaining energy. You may want to include energy gained from dams or windmills. Also, it seems this paper is not finished. I do not sense a completion. Who are we dependent on for energy? How do we obtain this energy? Trade? How long will it take to completely rely on solar energy? I agree with your position. Your paper just needs to be stronger by bringing in other details. - taquito

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