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rough draft lexie801x

Gender- Title IX is an issue that seems to benefit women far more than it does men. The Feminist Majority Foundation claims that “as a result of Title IX, women and girls have benefited from more participation opportunities and more equitable facilities” (Online) than ever before. Women today are entitled to just as many, if not more, athletic opportunities as men. Yet it still remains uncertain why women only account for 42.1% of athletes in NCAA institutions. The Feminist Majority foundation also adds that, “the progress women and girls have made under Title IX falls short of gender equality” (Online).This just proves that while Title IX is doing great things for women in the athletic world, it is still not enough. It is simply another small step towards gender equality in our world.

Race- Title IX is an issue that is based mainly on gender but has also had its significant effects on race especially that of black-females in sports today. Unlike the positive effects that Title IX has had on gender equality, it has proven that racial discrimination is equally as prevalent in athletics today. Clustering is by far one of the larger problems that institutions face today. The Women’s Sports Foundation describes clustering as “a situation where athletes of color have very high participation rates in some sports but very low participation rates in tothers; e.g., male rates for athletes of color are very high in football but very low in swimming and diving” (Online). It is still unsure why it is this way but it is also very hard to prove that clustering is a result of Title IX. On the other hand, The Women’s Sports Foundation also points out that “scholarship opportunities for male and female athletes of color are greater than their proportion within the athlete population” (online). This proves yet another inequality that athletes of color have a slight advantage over white athletes in terms of scholarship and financial rewards.

Results- All in all, Title IX appears to be a working force in our society today. It has given people of all races and genders the opportunity to prove themselves in the athletic world today regardless of the color of their skin or their sex. The women’s sports foundation states that historically, both race and sex discrimination had shaped the patterns of institutional opportunity in sports and higher education” (online).

Overall, this paper is short, but I'm sure you plan on extending it. For what has been done, more concrete facts rather that opinions would be good. Also, I'm not sure that (online) is the best way to site information. Finally, I would concentrate more on gender rather that race, considering that is the biggest issue in title IV. Reviewed by Radja34

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