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Rough Draft on Title IX

Title IX is part of the Education Amendments of 1972 constitutional amendment made to the Civil Rights of 1964. Title IX outlines laws for equally opportunities to be presented to males and females in federally funded school sports and other activities. All federally funded schools, elementary, secondary, colleges, and universities, are covered by title IX. By law, each school must designate a title IX coordinator to ensure the availability, quality, benefits, opportunities, and treatment are all equal between genders. Title IX covers three aspects in sports and activities: participation, scholarships, and athletic program components. Schools must provide athletic opportunities for men and women in proportion to their enrollment in the student body. The only exception to this is if a school has already fully met the interests and abilities of women athletes. Equal number of teams for men and women do not have to exist, only proportional participation. Scholarships must be provided proportional to gender participation as well. Institutions must also provide equal benefits to male and females, such as uniforms, facilities, equipment and supplies. Although Title IX is a written law, many institutions fail to follow the law, therefore, creating an imbalance between male and female athletics.

Title IX has had an impact on highschool and college athletics and should be continued, however, there needs to be harsher punishment for those who do not follow the guidelines. Many people, both males and females, although predominately females, who are suffering because institutions are not being held accountable for Title IX. It is important to enforce this law, because if it is not, people could lose valuable opportunities and benefits. Many argue that since the creation of Title IX, many male sports’ teams have suffered. However, without Title IX, many women’s teams would be suffering or maybe even nonexistent today. Collegiate sports participations for both men and women increased in NCAA member colleges between 2000 and 2001. This shows the title is benefiting both men and women. It is important that this title remain in our constitution and continue to be enforced. The more support it has, the more effective it will be.

Women and men deserve equal opportunity. It is important to remember that opportunity drives interest. Without the opportunity readily available to everyone, some may stop short with there dreams and aspirations; this is one of the reasons this law is so important. Presentation of equal opportunity would allow for men and women to feel they could excel equally in the same field, and gain the same benefit from doing so.
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