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FB5945 Position Draft Page

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Title IX should be scaled back because of the elimination of sports across college campuses. In the last 5 years, 435 men’s teams across America’s college campuses have been eliminated — including 130 track and cross-country programs, 21 wrestling teams, and 23 swimming teams. That means there has been a 5% decrease in men’s sports. For every woman athlete added to a NCAA sport. 3.6 men were cut. This trend will undoubtedly continue as the Title IX amendments continue to increase.

If it is understood that men and women will participate in college athletics, there could be more feasible solutions to the problems other than cutting men’s sports. Title IX reads that it is to prohibit sex discrimination, however, how is cutting men's sports not sex discrimination? Title IX appears to aid only women's sports by adding more women sports while cutting men's. To me, this seems to undermine the point of Title IX. The only things that are heard about Title IX are events concerning women, and advances they make as a result of Title IX. Men's sports should not be cut simply because there is not a corresponding women's sport.

It has been reported that today female athletes recieve more athletic scholarships than men. Title IX has also left men with 60000 fewer oppurtunities in terms of athletics. But it is also understood that fewer women participate in sports than men do. This is not a discriminatory statement yet a mere fact in American culture.

Title IX was not written to cut men's sports and does not require this, but merely stives to promote equal oppurtunities for both men and women. Sports are only cut because colleges must comply to Title IX which requires them to cut men's sports. So even though Title IX does not specifically state that college's must cut sports, it implies that this act must be performed in order to avoid being fined.

Title IX does have many beneficial affects also. Such as protecting students and teachers against sexual harassment, and striving to provide equal accomodations for all sport teams. However, Title IX should be scaled back to avoid cutting so many male sports from college campuses. A clear answer is unknown because naturally there will be more male sports than female, so the distributions of funds will heavily favor males. Even though scaling back Title IX could result in even more problems, some resolution must be met.

General Info: Title IX was passed in 1972, and stated that it was created “to prohibit sex discrimination in education programs that receive Federal financial assistance. Nearly every educational institution is a recipient of Federal funds and, thus, is required to comply with Title IX.” It is enforced by the Office for Civil Rights Department. Title IX applies to all federal funded education institutions.


Although I disagree with the idea behind your paper greatly, I think that you do have a point. You will need more info and statistics though, such as funding and money matters. That is what you seem most upset about and the fact that male sports have been cut back. You will need to find sufficient facts to back up your points to gain support because I am under the impression that this view is not very common (I could be wrong, though). This rough draft is fairly short, your actual paper has to be longer so I suggest working on that fairly soon. Remember Dr. Barke has included an outline for us to follow, I'd suggest it, also.

Your paper is well-written and capable of great debate. I, myself, agree with your position and the assertions that are made in your paper. Most people will write papers that are politically correct as to not step on anyone's toes. However, I find this paper refreshing in its claims and boldness that it presents. As far as the length of the paper and statistics required, I do not feel that what you are working toward is inappropriate. This is, after all, a rough draft.

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