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create your own position page

1. Go to the Positions page for the issue you are working on.

2. On this page, create a link to your position page in the space for Positions on this Issue: (Some of you have entered something here already, that's fine.)

To create a link, simply put asterisks around the text that you want to turn into a link. This link needs to have a unique name, so that it creates a new page instead of just linking to a page that already exists. So, if you put asterisks around your username, it will create a link back to your userpage.

3. On your new page, (or on your userpage if you want to use that) you will write a first draft of your final position paper. Later in the semester, you will get feedback on this draft from your peers on the soundness of your argument and the quality of resources you used to support your argument. Please format your paper so that it is readable for reviewers.

This is a sample of what the Issue 12 positions page might look like when you have begun entering positions:

Limiting the freedom of expression of adults is justified by society's interest in protecting children.

Issue 12 Resources

Positions on this Issue:

Limiting freedom of expression is un-American by aliengirl
Limiting freedom of expression is un-American by aliengirl

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