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evaluations for cyberspider820

The Meaning of "punishment"
contributed by cyberspider
evaluation by cyberspider

The primary purpose of this journal is to describe in detail the meaning of punishment. In order to understand whether punishment should be taken over rehabilitation - the definition of the term is absolutely necessary. The article poses questions such as; what gives us the right to punish and what do we hope to accomplish through punishment. The morality is a big part in adressing the issue of punishment over rehabilitation or vice versa. This article outlines some key moral issues for punishment. The article discusses punishment of a child to that of a criminal, from single acts of immorality and wrong-doing to lynching. And through this view of punishment, there is a judgement that can be created for or against specific types of punishment. The idea of punishment is understood.

contibuted by btnharmony
evaluation by cyberspider

This was a personal opinion article by Ed Howes. It gave a good definition of rehabilitation and a key points in the main argument of whether rehabilitation should be taken. The article intensely discusses imprisonment and how it has been done so far. Rehabilitions according to the article will not work since it isolates the violator from the large society. The article provides good keypoints that address the issue of rehabilitation. It debates whether it is necessary and indirectly the need for better methods.

Prison Reform?
contributed by scottnmark
evaluation by cyberspider

I am not entirely sure if this can be a viable resource since it is a personal discussion between one or more person. The user and other members of the site discuss the issue of the question of prison reform and rehabilitation. Though many key question are posed and answered such as whether punishment is rehabilitation and requirements for prison, this is still not a supported resource since it offers no proof - just a discussion between two people.

A Policy Perspective on the United States Rehabilitation System
Author: Marvin B. Sussman
evaluation by cyberspider
contributed by cyberspider

This is a article judging the rehabilitation system in the United States. It gives a history starting in the 1960's and discusses in depth all forms of rehabilitation. Though lengthy, it gives useful and non-useful information. The useful information pertains to how rehabilitation should be considered. Like many other resources it discuss what rehabilitation is; but it also considers many forms of rehabilitation - pertaining to for example health, drugs and prison.
The useful information mainly comes from the prison and drugs area and some keypoints are addressed.

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