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Evaluations for
This site just talks about benefits of a fuel efficient vehicle and might be helpful while discussing our argument!

This document is a good general summary of the issue and possible short-term and long-term solutions. However it lacks and strong facts. The source of the information is a environmental quality organization so the document is clearly biased but in this issue, everyone admits there is a problem, they just differ on solutions. For example, this document suggust the reader should buy fuel effienct cars, carpool, etc instead of say to raise the gas/vehicle/registration tax because raising the tax does not directly help the environment.

The resource used above is concrete, though it appears the information being represented is reflective of a limited area, i.e. Idaho. The resource is a good basic starting point, but it is not sufficient enough to discuss the issues of gas mileage and annual registration tax. The resource almost appears to be in a brochure format, which calls into question if this document was created for display or actual informational use.

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