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Evaluations of "Questioning the merit of merit scholarships"

This site discusses how merit scholarship in many states have led to a misuse of funds. It shows how students who get the scholarship fail to maintain good grades once they enroll into their college. And also how usually the middle income family students get these scholarships. Need-based financial aid can help students from poor families to attend college, and that student has a better chance of succeeding in college than a student from a middle income family.


Although I do rely on the Hope Scholarship alot, I still completely agree with the concepts of this site. This site addresses merit-scholarships and how students who get these scholarships usually can not keep the grades to actually keep the scholarship. This money should be used to help students who can not even start college because of money. I feel this site will be helpful to those who believe in need-based financial aid as opposed to merit-based aid.
CONTRIBUTED by Blondieblue

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