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Evaluations by Howes, Ed

This site seems to display information that is relevant to rehabilitation and its relation to punishment. The author's work is not only published in websites, but also his work is published in newspapers. Ed Howes clearly states his position behind rehabilitation and discusses the procedures of rehabilitation and how to use it for criminals.
Contributed by btnharmony

Resource Evaluations:

The writer does express is opinion clearly, but I couldn't find any information about his background or his knowledge on the subject.
I did find a lot of different articles he wrote on the web for different sites but in any of them they didnít supply any information on him either then the fact that he claims heís a freelance writer that publish is articles on websites and in newspapers.
The website is a completely free with no membership or login requirements. More over there are no commercials or pop ups.
The problem with that is that they do need some source of money in order to maintain the site and collect the different articles.
There for Iím not convinced that this site have no motives in publishing this specific article, and I wonít consider it as a really reliable source of information but just as a point of view.

Evaluation by Ouf103

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