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Issue 10 Resources

Rehabilitation should be valued over punishment in the U.S. Judicial system.

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Smith, Mike. 2000. “All the Facts,” Facts and Opinion Quarterly 10: 51-68.
This is what the article says, it says lots of things and here is where I give a basic summary of its contents.

Evaluations of Smith, Mike

Howes, Ed, 2004, "Rehabilitation" [web page] August 2004; [Accessed Janurary 30,2005]
This article basically introduces the idea of Rehabilitation as an idea of punishment and the different effects of rehabilitation. This article also discusses society's relation to rehabilitation of criminals.
CONTRIBUTED by btnharmony

Evaluations by Howes, Ed

Logan, Charles H. and Gaes, Gerald G., "Meta-Analysis and the Rehabilitation of Punishment" [web page] June 1993; [Accessed Janurary 30,2005]
This text describes the debate between rehabilitation and punishment.
CONTRIBUTED by btnharmony

Evaluations by Logan, Charles H. and Gaes, Gerald G.

Scott-n-Mark., "Prison Reform?" [web page] January 2005;
This text is a debate among several people about whether or not rehabilitation is successful
contributed by StringCheese

Evaluations of Scott-n-Mark

cyberspider820 resource
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research > Vol. 28, No. 2 (Dec., 1967), pp. 235-240
Stable URL:
This text describes the meaning of punishment from the affects of childhood to later imprisonment. Therefore providing a distinct correlation between punishment and rehabilitation.

evaluations for cyberspider820

Ouf103 resource
title:"Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment: Effective Programmes and policies to reduce Re-offending"
Author: James McGuire
Publication Date: December 2002
Publication: John Willey & Sons, Inc.
This book links the diffrent aspects of theory, research and practice by providing an approach to reduce criminal behaviour.

evaluations for "Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment: Effective Programmes and policies to reduce Re-offending"

Ouf103 resource
title:"Criminlal justice: Retribution Vs. Restoration"
Contributor: Eleanor Hannon Judah
Michael Bryant
Publication Date: June 2004
Publication: The Haworth social work practice press
The book presents different suggestions addressing the nations overcrowded prisons, high recidivism rates, and weakened family and community relationships with x-prisoners, also the book shows the different benefits and failures of the justice system and explore the possibilities of improving the system

evaluations for "Criminlal justice: Retribution Vs. Restoration"

Ouf103 resource
title:"Alternatives to Prisons"
Author: Jennfier Skancke
Publication Date: January 2005
Publication: Gale Group
provides a review of the range of issues associated with non-custodial sanctions, examining experiences in Different places like Scotland, Northern Ireland,England and Wales.

evaluations for "Alternatives to Prisons"

Ouf103 resource
title:"Rethinking Rehab:Why can't we reform our criminals?"
Author: David Farabee
Publication Date: May 2005
Publisher: American Enterprise Institute for public policy research
Imprint: A E I press
A different view about rehabilitation that reveals that the majority of these rehabilitative programs have little or no lasting impact on recidivism.

evaluations for "Rethinking Rehab:Why can't we reform our criminals?"

Donziger, Steven, Ed. 1996. The Real War on Crime. New York: HyperCollins Publishers, Inc.
This book provides nonpartisan analysis of crime and punishment in the United States and the the legislative stances and trends over the past two decades or so.
evaluations for The Real War on Crime

Herman, Peter, Ed. 2001. The American Prison System. New York: H.W. Wilson Company.
This book also goes over the developments in the US crime and punishment system, but this focuses more on the actual prisons themselves than the legislatures and politics.
evaluations for The American Prison System

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