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Issue 10 Positions

Rehabilitation should be valued over punishment in the U.S. Judicial system.

Issue 10 Resources

Positions on this Issue:
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Punishment is far more beneficial the U.S. Judicial system, when used against criminals and inmates. – btnharmony

melloyello's position

The potential benifits of rehabilitation are far too important to be ignored.
The most important beneficial aspect of rehabilitation is not the reinforcement of our moral standards, nor the benefits society encounters when criminals return and contribute to the working world. Our first consideration should be the influence rehabilitation will have on the spending of tax money.
Rehabilition will lead to less crime and fewer crime victims. Therefore, less tax money will be needed in order to maintain the criminal justice system. Rehabilitation will most importantly save taxpayers money.
Second, we must consider how rehabilitation will create a safer society. Crime will be reduced due to the fact that criminals will be less likely to become second offenders. The comfort of a safer society will lead to better quailty of life.

Ouf103 Position paper - Rehabilitation as a better solution - draft

ouf103 Position Paper - Rehabilitating Our Future

Rehabilitation lies within a criminal's initiative. A criminal changes their life whenever he or she decides what they are doing is wrong.–StringCheese

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