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Evaluation of Dr. Laura K. Donohue

This article is very extensive and thorough. For the purpose of this paper, this information is almost too much. It gives many details about the intricate system of America's history with terrorism and today's situation. I believe that this article is valuable but excessive. Certain subjects in this article are not relevant to the topic at hand. When using this source, just remember what the focus of the topic is.
contributed by taquito

I agree that this paper is a very comprehensive analysis of US foreign policy towards terrorism; but it is a doctorate paper. The intresting thing to see, once you get past all the information and facts, is the Dr.'s position on how to deal with terrorists pre 9/11 and how this position may have changed if she had written this paper after Sep,2001. Of course when using this source we will have to use only the details and facts that will be benefitial t our position. contributed by Turbo593

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