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Evaluation of "What Congress Should Do"

This article points out many inconsistancies between states in how they handle the voting systems, votes, and polling places. It shows how states handle the same situation completely different. The article provides many different methods for reform and pushes for uniform national voting. This article comes from a group of editors at the New York Times, which seem to be for what's best for every person and seem, in this article, to be very unbiased. They do not point the finger at any party but show that the problem is everyone's problem.

This article while informative is clearly prooving a point. It seems to say that reform is the only method because the system at hand is faulty. I find this to be slightly biased but not biased enough for it not to be an excellent credible source. It comes from the New York Times which is excellent in politics writings. Unfortunately i did not see who actually wrote the editorial so i do not know if the person that did is is as credible as the paper. They do make it understood that there is a problem and that it must be handled. Overall it is a good source with some very good points.