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Evaluations for American Morality

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Evaluation: The site seemed reasonalby credible although it was probably googled and there is always the possibility of faulty information. (I could be wrong about this site being googled) I detected no bias in this article simply because there opportunities for it. This article would be used for the moral progress approach to progress.


I liked how it showed statistical datum, and I felt like I could relate to the people who were quoted in the article. The article is still quite indifferent on whether you think America is moral or not. But that's okay. I'll learn more about your stance later in the semester or if you wrote it on the positions page. Anyway, I like the article; it's good and interesting to know about; and it asks thoughtful questions that cause you to think about it when you're done reading it.

CONTRIBUTED BY: babygirl13

Yes, I concur with both of the evaluations above. Though this article does seem to present some information relative to "American Morality," it still lacks in substance, in terms of research. This site appears to be just statistics, phone calls, and questions. What about "young adults are more positive than other Americans are when it comes to ethics and morality" can we conclude. I feel this site covers only the surface of American Morality, for example a telephone interview is very impersonal and the interviewee's mood at the time could affect his/her answers and only 1,004 national adults we many "national adults" are there in the 300 million population of the American nation.

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