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Evaluations of Justice Official Discusses US Terrorism

After reading this site, it seems that this author takes actions to an extreme. Because of the 9/11 attacks, he feels that any action can be excused saying that this is good for the country. That these actions are necessary for the protection and guard of America and American ideology. The article does have good facts but it is thoroughly mixed in with opinion. The accuracy of the information seems up-to-date. I would use this information for my essay.
Contributed by taquito

The POV is of Michael Chertoff Assistant Attorney General for most of the article. The article is old 2001 but does contain alot of useful information. If anything it helps remind people of what happened to us on 9/11 because I think people have forgot what they did to us. The article does not seem biased to me, it is simply alot of facts and examples of how terrorists get here and plan the attacks. It seems to be very accurate as it is an official article, seemed to be transcribed as Michael spoke to the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate. Will probably be using this article.
Contributed by Hondezy-

This article is informative and gives some useful information nagating it's age. And although it is old it's age adds a little more emotion because of it's chronological proximity 9/11. Also it raises and intresting question of what can our government do about finding and eliminating sleepers in our country like Mohamed Sadeek Odeh? Contributed by HerbyHancock-

Considering this is an official press release, it would be a good source to site if you need something about the urgency of the issue. It contains alot of emotionally centered comments regarding the United States actions post-September 11, that many people have now forgotten.
contributed by abc123

This press release seems to be a very biased opinion of US policy, especially considering the time period in which it was written; only a month after the 9/11 attacks. I believe this US official is trying to give the impression that the US will not stand back and take the abuse being dished out by these terrorists. At the same time he is justifying the use of any and all means to protect this country and its citizens. While it is diffiuclt to judge this article with the same amount of flare and feeling that our leaders had at that time, it is still a valuble source to defend the position that is usually not taken in this debate. Contributed by Turbo93

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