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Evaluations for "A Declaration of Energy Independence."

Evaluation #1 Contributed by CastorTroy

This article gives a good description of two main organizations that are working towards energy independence in the United States: "The Energy Future Coalition," and, "the Apollo Alliance." It talks about each groups strategy and what they are doing. It doesn't seem to be biased, and seems accurate, based on what I know.

I am curious to the wording of the the polls that are mentioned in this article. It claims 72 percent of people favored a rigorous investment in the clean-energy infrastructure and research over tax cuts. But in the wording if 71 percent of people favored the tax cut then the same would be true. Other than that I think it's for the most part accurate, especially the part that if the clean energy initiatives create more jobs. But they also failed to mention jobs lost if we switch from oil to a clean energy (refinery jobs, engineering jobs that goto the Persian Gulf but their money comes back to the US). Just some issues to think about.

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